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Will the Vinyl Fence Break in Cold or Hot
As with most plastics, vinyl will become less
flexible in colder weather conditions. However,
unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not
break. It is normal for vinyl fence materials
to expand and contract during temperature
changes. Our products have been engineered
to accommodate normal temperature swings.
Do we offer the panels in other sizes
besides 6’ x 10’?
No. The only size we have is 6’x10’.
Can I order just the panels and fabric
without the privacy slats?
Yes. Please call for pricing.
Can I order just the TempGuard chain
link mesh with privacy slats, without the
Yes. The fabric and privacy slats are made in
25 ft rolls and shipped to you on pallets.
Can I order TempGuard panels by the
Yes. Ordering by the truckload is the most
economical way to purchase the TempGuard
What colors do the slats come in?
Beige, redwood, black, white, forest green,
gray, dark brown and safety orange.
What is the privacy factor?
Approx. 98% when slats are installed.
What gauge of wire is used?
11 gauge, class 4 wire. 3 ½” x 5” mesh.
What are the specifications of the frame?
The perimeter frame is 1 5/8”OD (.065 wall).
Cross bracing is 1”OD (.065 wall)
Do you have stands for the panels?
No. We recommend ‘pounding’ into the ground
with the privacy panels. When using stands
with the privacy panels there is an approx. 98%
wind load factor which makes a huge liability